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by Charles Nuetzel
   In the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Mr. Nuetzel has designed an exciting story of adventure in a distant world somewhere across the galaxy. On an exotic alien world, a man without a memory becomes the greatest of all warriors--while seeking to unravel the clues that will unlock his past. "I, Torlo Hannis, was born at the age of twenty-eight, without memory of my past life, without knowledge of the world in which I found myself."
   Torlo Hannis wakes up on the planet of Noomas without memory of any past life, yet aware that he comes from a vast intergalactic civilization. On this new world of primitive city states, subtly dominated by the mysterious Muties, where nations willingly go to battle for the possession of a beautiful princess, Torlo Hannis - the Lost One - struggles against hopeless odds to not only regain his lost memory but save the beautiful princess with whom he fell in love upon first sight.


As a writer I come across many people with stories to tell, most of which are useless. In the case of two men I shall call Dr. Spencer and Dr. Donaldson, quite the opposite was true.

In the beginning they were reluctant to reveal what they knew, partly for fear of ridicule and partly because they wished to keep their experiments secret.

During a party, Dr. Paul Spencer, a full-bearded stocky man in his middle thirties, began talking to me about telepathy, a subject which I’ve found of interest, much as the rumors of flying saucers—neither of which I believe or disbelieve. Paul Spencer claimed that some years back he had come across an idea—theory if you will—which might make telepathy possible. (I won’t go into the technical details because I’m not qualified to do so. The general idea is that since thoughts are electrical impulses, they can be picked up by an electronic tuner—like radio waves are gathered by AM or FM tuners—to be channeled through an amplifier, changed to another frequency which would tune them to another person’s mental wave band. The theory was that telepathy is a reality but that each person’s thoughts are on a different wave-band and thereby unable to be picked up by another brain. The tuner would work as a mechanical device to adjust one person’s thoughts to the wave-band of another’s—thereby making telepathy possible to anybody.)

I argued against the concept of telepathy merely for the sake of a good evening’s discussion. Because he was feeling a little too high and it was a private party among friends, Paul Spencer claimed that he had done extensive experimenting on it with John Donaldson, who was a telepathically sensitive person.

“We have tapes which would curl your hair,” Spencer explained, “but nobody would believe them. That’s why we haven’t told anybody. As it is, I’ve talked too much!”

Donaldson had just walked up to the bar to pour himself another drink. He was a tall, dark-haired man with large nervous eyes. “That’s quite right, Paul. Nobody would believe you. So keep quiet!”

“You can’t stop here!” I exclaimed; now determined to learn as much as possible. “If you have something—please go on! Look, I’m not about to laugh. The theory does sound fantastic. But...if you’ve evidence...”

Donaldson filled his glass with Scotch. “Maybe there isn’t any harm in telling you, after all. Even if you did write about it, who would believe you?” He took a large swallow of the drink. “It would sound like science fiction!”

“And that’s for sure!” Spencer nodded, his face wide with a serious grin.

But the conversation was interrupted at that point because our wives came into the den. Nothing more was said that evening. But the next day I continued to think about what hints they had offered; my writer’s instinct was acutely sparked. Even if it was nothing but talk, there was possibly a kick-off point here upon which I could develop a story.

I called Spencer that night to ask if I could come over and talk to him about the telepathy tuner. He was reluctant at first but I explained my purpose and he finally consented.

That evening we met in his lab, behind the large house in which he lives in Woodland Hills, California. John Donaldson was there and they explained in more detail what they had been doing, most of which went completely over my head. The lab was a scattered assortment of wires, tubes, tools and bulky electronic equipment. Their explanations seemed as difficult to understand as this electronic collection of gadgets surrounding me. But in the end, they presented these facts:

“Once the tuner was developed,” Spencer announced, sitting on a tall stool, playing idly with a straight-stemmed empty pipe, “I put John here into an hypnotic state, then placed the headphones, especially re-designed for high frequency, on his head. I ran the dial up and down the frequency bands and at one point noticed that he tensed, his lips started to move, then relaxed as I changed the position of the dial setting.

“Pin-pointing the frequency was a delicate job, taking a little more than half an hour. All the time, John was showing signs of deep frustration and nervousness, muttering to himself, as if having a nightmare. I almost brought him out of the trance, then decided against it.

“Once the adjustment was made, he said, very clearly, in a stilted voice, as if he were having difficulty forming words: ‘My name is Torlo Hannis. Who are you?’ He repeated this over and over again. I turned on the tape recorder and didn’t disturb John for some twenty minutes.

“The question kept repeating itself. Nothing else. Finally I turned off the tuner and brought John out of it. After playing the tape back to him, he admitted to having strange dreams. In his mind had come this voice. Though he understood the words, it was hard to form them into English.”

Donaldson explained: “It was as if the language sent were different, insofar as the organization of word patterns. I found it hard to reorganize them.”

“My theory is,” Spencer offered, “that this Torlo speaks another language and is projecting telepathically, we are picking up his thoughts, John is having difficulty re-translating them into English patterns—or at least he was in the beginning.”

“How long have you been on this?”

“For three months. We have now learned much about Torlo Hannis but there is a lot more to learn. I’ve recorded everything. John can now talk quite rapidly, exchanging questions with Torlo Hannis. The voice pattern is different when he speaks for Torlo.” After a moment to let me think this through, he asked: “Would you like to hear some of the tapes?”

I was most eager.

As Spencer threaded a tape into the machine, he said: “The major fact we have learned so far is that Torlo is from another planet, either existing now or far in the future or in some other dimension. Don’t laugh! It’s just that we have been trying to come up with some theory. Exchanging information with Torlo proves the following: he is human in shape and biology, there is ancient history which suggests that his race came from a planet much like Earth—or Earth itself. The culture which gave him birth spans the galaxy, though he is isolated on a planet called Noomas, where he was shipwrecked some years ago. Well, let him tell you through the voice of John Donaldson.”

It is enough, here, to say I listened to the tapes, all of them, then insisted they attempt to contact Torlo. Their arranged meeting was not due until three nights later. In the following weeks and months, I was a fascinated spectator as the doctors continued their communication with Torlo Hannis. At my suggestion an organized method of work was established, so that we could get a clear picture of the world on which Torlo lives. My motive was to see if there was a story here that I might use.

In the end I had enough material to organize into a book which, though fantastic, contained a fascinating and exciting adventure. Only after weeks of pressure did John and Paul finally allow me to use the material, but only on the condition that if I referred to them at all it would be under fictitious names.

I present the following as nothing but a good tale, something with which to pass a pleasant evening. Most readers will say it is merely the imagination of a science fiction writer; and who am I to deny them this belief? As to the others who will believe—or want to believe—who am I to claim they are wrong? Dr. Spencer and Dr. Donaldson believe; I trust them. And therefore one must conclude that I believe there is a Torlo Hannis living in some other time or some other dimension, who through his own experiments in telepathy, has by some freak of fate made contact with Earth through the Spencer Tuner.

Charles Nuetzel

Thousand Oaks, California

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by Charles Nuetzel & Heidi Garrett
      Adt and Sarleni, swordsman and slavegirl, lost at sea and attempting to survive, were soon to discover the horrid truths concerning Noomas' future. Sarleni, trained in the mental powers of the Zygo, offered the only weapon that could resist the Muti forces set to stop them on their journey to the other side of the planet. A thrilling science-fantasy adventure, with swords flying in the skilled hands of a master swordsman!


 It was through Dr. Spencer and Dr. Donaldson that I first became aware of Torlo Hannis. The present book is the long awaited sequel to the Noomas adventures published some decades ago and now released by the Borgo Press imprint of Wildside Press as Torlo Hannis of Noomas.

Paul Spencer had been doing ex­tensive research in telepathy, based on the principle that if telepathy did exist, there must be a logical scientific explanation as to why so few had the ability. His research identified certain specific electrical impulses emitting from each person’s thinking brain that were resonating at slightly dif­ferent frequencies, therefore isolating one mental world from another. “It would be very awkward any other way,” Paul once pointed out. “You might say it’s Nature’s way of protecting us all from the mass, collective thoughts of everybody around us.” John Don­aldson, who was telepathically sensitive, had served as his subject in the practical applica­tion of the theory. The last communication between Torlo Hannis and the doctors was the following:

 Romos, Proctor of Bel-loniea, (Youi Janis’ grandfather) has just called me for an emergency meeting. As I told you, Adt Dorta returned last night and now has gone into private conference with Ro­mos. A lot of speculation has rumored its way throughout the city, suggesting that he had something of vi­tal importance to report to our Proctor. I’ll be in communications with you tomorrow.

 That never happened.

After over a year of silence they shut things down. We all lost contact with one another after the publication of the original editions of Warrior of Noomas and Raiders of Noomas.

Then some years later I got a letter from Paul Spencer’s daughter, which said, in part:

 I remember how pleased Dad was with the publications of the story of Torlo Hannis. I have sad news to relate concerning the two doctors. Dr. Donaldson died in 1981. Natural causes. And left the documents with Dad, who just passed away not long ago. I still have some of their papers. Dad gave me your name, suggesting you might be interested in his research.

 There were a few more comments about the two friends and memoirs and such. I declined the offer, advising she keep the archives.

That was almost twenty years ago. It was all brought back into focus as a result of a long email communication with Heidi Garrett, whom I’ve now known for almost a decade. She came across the Noomas books recently. Finding them an interesting study she decided to loan her copies to a friend and sci-fi addict who promptly challenged some of the scientific data in the books. He’s somewhat of a techie with a brilliant mind. Of course, from his point of view this was all sci-fi stuff. He detailed some critical points. She sent some of those comments back to me, mostly off the cuff with more than a hint of remarkable disbelief in the reality of the doctors’ existence. I instantly emailed her that they were real people, and sent her a copy of the letter from Paul’s daughter.

Fred came back with significant scientific arguments and once I’d checked out his background, I discovered he was exactly as he claimed to be, a well-established expert in specialized communications assigned to NASA and planetary research, no less. I read several articles about his work on the transmission of signals involving a group of planets in a distant solar system.

I encouraged Heidi to contact Dr. Spencer’s daughter. And she did. She obtained permission to gain full access to all of the remaining documents with express instructions to keep the media out of the picture.

Heidi emailed me the following:

 Fred works very quickly and is quite amazingly astute. He has quite a collection of old wiring equipment long outdated, transistors and switchboards. Very interesting to watch him work, recreating some of the old circuitry from the sketches and making adjustments to his own lab equipment. In the weeks since we’d made our visit to the doctor’s daughter, he’d put together a makeshift computer program and a tuner based on Spencer’s diagrams. I wanted to share the results with you.

 The following is a part of the message she sent me, which had come from Torlo Hannis himself!

 …and it was obvious that if something isn’t done immediately, all the nations of Noomas will be in great trouble. Adt Dorta’s report was undeniably conclusive. He brought information that is still being examined. On the other side of the planet is an expanding empire that is threatening international dominance, and must be stopped …assuming it isn’t already too late.

But it is best to simply let you hear Adt Dorta’s story in his own words. 

That’s when my intense correspondence began directly with the Professor Fred Baxter who had no time for small talk. He wanted the details and pure facts. He was fascinated and dryly amused by the doctor’s methods. “Apparently their convoluted ideas must have worked.” He quipped in his very politely calculated style. He surmised a number of variables, relating them with time warp theories. He talked at length about string theory, block time, parallel dimensional space, black holes, and so on, to explain the inner-connection between Torlo’s world and ours. “An alternate universe would be a simplistic term.”

Heidi had written: 

Fred seems to have found a link to your Torlo Hannis after all these years. Torlo is dictating details as he had done before, but this time it is all about Adt Dorta. Or more concisely comes as if Adt Dorta is dictating through Torlo.

Charles, I think this could be a fascinating story to tell. So many readers have awaited a sequel to the Noomas adventure and this is as close as I think we’ll ever get. What do you think? Want to try putting something together?

 She had already organized the first parts of Adt Dorta’s story, sifted out of the mass of exchanges they had received. Sending me the beginnings of her work, she said that she was willing to continue if I thought the project was worth the effort. Needless to say, I accepted her offer. I was quite excited and the end result gave us great satisfaction in revealing what had happened on Noomas and the peoples of that planet. She said that some of the connections were weak and sometimes unintelligible, as if they’d switched to a different language, but somehow even those parts seem highly charged and valuable. She’s done an amazing job!

The present book tells the story of Adt Dorta and the slavegirl’s adventures, which sent them to the other side of Noomas.

Adt had been taken a prisoner almost immediately in a battle between the Diano and Bel-loniean troops. He was held for a long period of time until Torlo Hannis released him previous to rescuing Youi, the Proctoress of Bel-loniea. Much of their relationship being revealed in “Torlo Hannis of Noomas”. The storm that sent Torlo and Youi into the vast deserts of Noomas was to also have its disastrous effect on Adt Dorta’s life. What follows now is his story of survival with the slavegirl.

First, though, you will find a Prologue in which we’ve compiled, in his own words, a brief summary of his life previous to meeting Sarleni.



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by Charles Nuetzel & Heidi Garrett
    In the third book of this epic science-fantasy series, Torlo Hannis leads a series of missions against the tyranny of Kamina. When he's captured and forced to entertain savage Mutis in their cruel killing arenas, the strange Muti, Sziat, guides Torlo on a puzzling journey that reveals the true extend of the empire's malice. Now the Prophet Kalinis is demanding that all must submit to its absolute power. Can Torlo and Sziat successfully challenge this...CONQUEST OF NOOMAS? The thrilling conclusion to the Noomas Saga, which began with "Torlo Hannis of Noomas" and continued with "Slavegirl of Noomas."
     A word regarding Torlo and the Universe, in particular the planet of Noomas might be of interest. We cannot verify whether he lives in our galaxy or elsewhere. Nor can we verify his exact age or the exact dates of our previous telepathic communications with him. For the gap between universes is not based on earthly measures. Time is uncertain, distorted by space and our own perspective. We cannot compare our measures to those of Noomas. For what might be a season for us, could be a thousand years in another realm. We can say for certain that significant time has passed between Torlo Hannis’ advent on Noomas and transmissions relating Adt’s adventures with Sarleni.

     We will now let Torlo Hannis take center stage.


The experience is the reward.
Consider—The experiences between the beginning
and the end of your journey might be more important
than the actual destination.
 – The Great Wizard from the Epic Dialogs of Mhyo

   What I have to relate are the details of the war with the Muti Empire of Kamina, as I experienced them, and have since learned through historical records and from my surviving comrades and friends.
    No war is finalized in one battle; but one battle can be dramatically pivotal to the outcome.
 – Torlo Hannis

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