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First picture of me...Livi!

Me in Action at the Dog Park with some of my friends....

Munich, Fynn & Me

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Heidi wrote:

Goodness, Livi, Back flips and rolls galore. You've made quite a hit for your opening number.


Charles is pretty proud of me, I suppose.  There are a lot more pictures - even larger versions of those I've put up on this page. There are a lot of mp4 videos that Charles took of me at the Dog Park - what a neat place to go. He takes me there almost every day!

We went to the park for an hour today and I got to play with Fynn and Annie and...oh, yes, Louie - his owner's mother lives across the street from us and sometimes Brigitte takes me over there to play with him. There were a few other dogs that I didn't know, but we did some playing.  I got to run around like wild, though. Annie is very fast, as is Flynn, and we raced around the park.


Well LIVI       

Now that you have introduced yourself personally, I am hoping to get regular updates of your adventures!





Well, Ms. Heidi, I guess I can explain that my friend Charles has been very busy taking me around town. Well around to the Doggie Park almost every day. He hasn't even had time to write to you, so he told me.  He walks in the morning, usually without me, which I really don't like!  I enjoy going with him to the Mall, though he won't ever take me inside, for some reason, never explained. He sits down at one point and wants me to sit down next to him. I guess he needs some kind of rest. He's sitting most of the time. At home at the computer or in front of the TV, and expects me to be there with him all the time. But I like doing other things sometimes. But I do enjoy nestling up against him. Even at night. Though much of the time I'm encouraged to sit next to Brigitte, which is nice, too. I really don't quite understand what is going on, on what he calls the TV, but he spends a lot of time there, and sometimes I watch, too. Though that's rather strange.


Charles has now given me this email from which I can contact other people and maybe even somehow to some of my doggie friends. Fynn is one of my super friends. I will hope to meet him today. In fact, Brigitte just told Charles we have to leave immediately. So goodbye.



 I am disappointed that you did not answer the questions I wrote to you.

 I assume you are more alert, being so much younger than your owner, but I fear you are lazy about reading and responding and I am sad.

So can you answer my questions? Like:

After all of that running I imagine you will grow bigger and bigger. Just how big will you grow? 


I don't know how BIG I'll grow. Do you know how BIG you'll grow? It is nice that you think I'm smarter than you are, but give me a break! Like Charles says: "You're not a dog, you're a canine, and I'm a homo-sap!" I know he's simply wanting to get me to understand the obvious: I'm not just a mindless "animal" but a useful, fully aware, conscious creature, just like you humans are, no better, no worse, just different - and maybe not completely as "bright" as you humans, but you're bigger and need larger heads to contain your over-size brains, which aren't neatly compacted like mine is. Maybe I don't know a lotta things you humans know, but then, I don't have to know all that stuff. It is enough to know all I need to know to survive in our mutually shared world. And one of the prime items of knowing is how to respond and react to you humans so you'll take good care of us. In other words: we ain't no dummies!


How long is your back from your neck to your tail bone?


Oh, this silly second question: As to my size. Well I don't have a tape measure, and don't know how to use one, and even if I did I would find it very difficult to make use of one with my limited clinging tools. After all, I have just four paws and one mouth. No opposing thumbs, like you humans have. To make used of a tool I have to use my mouth for the most part, but can use my front paws to hold things, but it takes both of them to do it with any grand style - if you know what I mean.


From the photos it seems you are only a puppy so I am curious about that.


A puppy? Are you kidding? Oh, well. As to being only a puppy. Well. Now. How insulting can you get? I was a puppy way back when with the people who had me before. But I was 20 months old when Charles & Brigitte adopted me! Now that is not a puppy. Maybe young, still. But give me a break! Well, in any case, I'm now 2 years old. And by your standards, I'm told, that would be equal to 14 human years. You know, the rule being: 1 doggie year = 7 human years. Though Charles tells me that this is not always accepted by everybody. would make me young, but not puppy-sized. Maybe a teenager by human standards. So, please, be considerate and kindly when referring to my status. As far as Charles is concerned I'm A SUPER CANINE and he's in love with me! I think I'm beginning to fully trust him and Brigitte...getting used to them. I think they are really neat and at night sometimes they'll even, actually, carry me to the bed we all share and sometimes they even wrap me in the blanket they've set aside for me, to keep me warm. Actually I don't like to leave that comforting blanket, but do when I hear something outside. Then I'll growl and even bark and race through the house and to the kitchen and the little door for me to flap through and search the back yard to chase away the night monsters that have invaded my territory. Then I return and have a problem getting covered with the blanket. Though Brigitte (sometimes Charles) will cover me. Recently they've put a super blanket at the bottom of the bed and I can tuck myself under it - they don't mind at all if I do that; I think they put it there especially for me, but don't know for certain. [They won't let me get under the covers with them for some reason - and I've tried a number of times. I suppose rules are rules. But the special super blanket is really nice for me!]

I any case: I'm far more mature than you realized, or even they fully understand.  I think I know some things they don't realize I do know.  Well.  It can be difficult.  Charles talks loud and Brigitte kinda ... well, she speaks softer and with a strange sounding accent which makes it difficult to fully understand what she is saying.  Charles claims she mumbles - whatever that means!  But we're all managing to get along.


Did that answer you questions?


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