This is a picture my father, Albert Nuetzell did for the book "IMAGES OF TOMORROW"--though it has been somewhat changed to be used in this manner on my Desktop.   I scanned the published cover and then did some graphic work on it to create this image. 

    I have used this same art in the design of buttons for Haldolen Universe, as seen on the opening page as the Main Logo to
    It has literally become a graphic theme for my website and other items of personal "business".  This was, also, the very last cover my father did before he died in 1969, just weeks before we landed men on the Moon - at the age of 68. He had been a commercial artist all his life, for the most part at Pacific Title, which did work for all the major studios in Hollwood. 
    Then I designed a cover for my personal printed copy of the ebook, "Adapt or Die" which AlexLit offers on sale on the net, and along with a couple of other of my long out-of-print books. 
    It was originally published as "Last Call for the Stars" and had cut out of it some 20,000 vital words, and in suchCover Art condition it was reprinted in England and Italy quite a number of years ago. I findly got in the "last word" cause now I included these words (somewhat revised) and updated the book - ending which something which was highly pleasing and satisfying to the author.

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