Dust Jacket for the personal copy of the e-book.

as adpted from the original cover for
"Images of Tomorrow"

 I used the back cover art from the original painting for "Images of Tomorrow" cover.

  Now, to me this is an alien world, with the heavily clouded sky.  To the lower middle left, just under the Orange treetops I see what might be the suggestion of water.  But, of course, this is probably an illusion.  But there, lifting out from behind the trees is the tip of the star ship which took the characters in the book to their new world. I literally did some reworking of the colors with Photoshop 5, then added the tip of the space ship from the front of the cover, making it wider, thicker, as I did with the image in "screen panel" and colored some of the details there.

 Cover art for my "Images of Tomorrow":


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