Smile when you say that!

Can't really say the island was the tropic paradise with all those lovely ladies in grass skirts, or the men beating drums in a wild effort to show off their powerful muscles.  But then, even Maui wasn't quite like that.  No palm trees here, just the low bush a tree here and there, transplanted from elsewhere.  And a lot of yellow weed-like things.  A few structures, but nothing very impressive. In fact these pictures make it look a lot more exciting than it was. Caves and all.  It didn't even have a sandy beach on this end of the island.

Actually it was privately owned until recently when this part of the island was turned over - for a price - to the government as a State Park.

Coming to the landing "beach"!

Place where the late owners can, and were, staying.  Part of the deal of sale.

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