OLIVE HOUSE INN:    From here you can go to the following places, visiting the lovely Bed & Breakfast Inn where we stayed, which gives an excellent idea of how these places work as settings for romantic interludes for all ages, or merely a neat place to rest and enjoy.  The Olive House Inn was not far from several other nice places to see.

ALICE KECK PARK:    It is only a few blocks from State Street, right in the heart of Santa Barbara.  From Olive House Inn it is only three a block stroll to this very beautiful park. It is worth visiting for its own sake or merely as a stop off to the nearby main "drag" of the town, where you can find just about everything to fulfill the vacationer's needs, from shopping, eating or entertainment.

SANTA CRUZ ISLAND:    And if one wants to take a trip to a nearby island, there are several trips to the Channel Islands just off the California coast. These are not your typical idea of an island paradise, but some are quite nice to visit on their own terms. They are, in reality, an ocean extension of the Santa Monica Mountains, though they were never actually connected by any land bridge to the mainland - and are only about twenty or so miles off shore.

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