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       Super place to say if you are looking for a nice Bed & Breakfast Inn. Right in the heart of Santa Barbara, easy walking distance from State Street.  Not far from the ocean.  The Santa Barbara Mission is very close at hand for those who want to explore the early history of the mission period of California. Plenty to see, plenty to eat at many of the outstanding eateries the town offers.  Or just spend quite, relaxing hours at the Olive House, be that for a romantic interlude or quiet time.

The following pictures were taken over the two days we stayed there and are arranged in order insofar as the general arrangement of the Inn. First the entrance and then inside where you quickly move through the dining room and lounge and living room, then upstairs to the room in which we stayed.

    This is were we would spend our second morning for breakfast.

    We really didn't get a chance to enjoy as much of the general "public" rooms as we would have liked to.  It was more a walk through for us on our way to other places. Except, of course for a stop for coffee or a quick snack of fruit.  The apples were amazingly good.

    In fact, the food was quite excellent.  This is the charm of such bed & breakfasts, such as this, which are located in old homes which are converted to become very comfortable and charming places to spend a very pleasant stay.

    It was the location that was especially nice with the Olive House Inn.  Not far away was the center of Santa Barbara, places to eat, shop, attend a concert or see a movie.  And merely a five blocks away.  And a lovely park was a walk through to State Street.

    From this part of the Inn you move across a comfortably furnished living area.  Then for us up the  stairs.

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