Just a few blocks away! As in evidence here, a lovely place to walk thru and enjoy the beautiful expansive landscaping.  It is like a stroll into a new world.

This is called a Memorial Garden.

    Whatever it is called, it certainly is a lovely place. And one can spend many hours there or simply

    To the left is the street down which we walked from the Olive House Inn.  To the right is near the entrance to the park.  The landscaping is green and lushly spread out in a very relaxing and comfortable manner.  One wants to sit and just take in the restful view.

    The actual entrance to the Park from this location is shown below, and from there the rest of the park just opens up with walking pathways that run through some very lovely and restful landscaping as revealed in the following pictures.

AKPark2     AKPark3

Olive House Inn       Santa Cruz Island

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