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    For 11 days & nights, during March 29-April 7, 2004, we were on our trip to Peru to see the land of the Incas. It started in LAX flying to Miami, from there to Lima Peru.  Each picture-icon above  represents one day of the trip.   All but one contains more than one folder, for we took almost 5,500 pictures, most of which are presented here, broken down in small enough bits to make it easier to locate and see those places most interesting to each viewer.  It is an exhaustive "photo essay" of these exciting days, and I'm the first to admit not all are prize winners, but collectively they offer up a visual record of what it is like to take this kind of vacation.
    We went via "The small group travel experience Odysseys Unlimited," and there were 18 fellow passengers from all over the USA  in our  TREASURES OF PERU which included Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca.

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Trip took place:
MARCH 29-APRIL 7, 2004