Hawaii's first planned resort!

    This was originally started in the 1950's and soon became a major, popular space for tourist to stay, or even visit for shopping, dining, swimming, luauing.  It has just about everything!  This development was responsible for Maui becoming the second most popular Hawaiian visitor hotspot.  Originally started by Chris Hemmeter, it combined  hotels, restaurants, golf courses, pools and a major shopping center which spreads over a three mile stretch of prime Maui shoreline.  In the middle of this gathering of luxury condos, hotels is Whalers Village, with its fine open air cafes--almost 50 in all.

The ideal spot for tourist-bucks.

One way to see all the huge ocean front hotel resorts.

Wanna take a walk?

Part of the famous three-mile walkway.

This continues past a long line of luxury hotels.

The Hyatt Regency to the south;
the Sheraton Maui three miles north.

 Shop, Eat, Rest?

At the center of all this we found:

It was, obviously, Easter Week!

Brigitte was fascinated by this stripped down whale.

It is as close as she got to the real thing--a 50 foot whale of a skeleton.

A place surrounded by hotels.

This is pretty much in the middle of Kaanapali.

A local eating stop.

And we did.

An outdoor cafe we also enjoyed.


Time to Walk 'N Shop!


Wanna shop 'til ya drop?

Just one of those neat places.

Even the doggie had a shopping spree.

Or was it a Guard Dog?

A Gorilla turned red-eyed from shopping?

Now I wonder who is Thoris.

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