Not all that far from Hilo Hattie Department store, at Hale Kahiko, is a small open area, and this interesting center.  It is one of those free, self guiding attractions.

And what an inviting site!

This is a reconstruction of an ancient village.

It was amazingly authentic looking, with its grass huts!

It felt like stepping back in Time.


Is Brigitte really going native?

Fixin' to build a fire?

Or prepare a dinner?

    Hard to tell, simply because we didn't read up on what these huts were really all about.  Just seeing them was impressive enough to catch our "camera's" eye--so to speak.  But if she's gone native, what about her matie?

Has he hit the mat-tie, finally?

Playin' King--or goofin' off?

A bit later we visited the:


    Proof of a strong Chinese influence in Maui, during the early 1800's.  Apparently this was a center for unmarried males.

This place caught my attention the first day in town.

On the last day on Maui we actually took a closer look.

We found this "shack" really inviting.

Wanna take a walk inside?

Wanna see a wok?

    I'd heard about how real woks worked, but hadn't actually seen the authentic thing.  Here we got a chance to look down upon what must have been a really great "china fast food" kitchen.  Or, perhaps, their main kitchen where they prepared meals for the members of this all male society.

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