The Famous Carthaginian II

    This is a restored ship, and apparently the last of this kind still in existance.  Here the visitor has a prime example of the boats that spiced the history of Lahaina's whaling days.
    A very real Maui highlight that should not be missed!  No excuses!  All tourist or "sailors" worth their salt--or "shot or rum"-- must see this ship.  In fact, anyone wanting to experience what it must have been like during the early whaling days here in the islands, will find this a must see!
    Named the Carthagian II, it replaces the original Carthagian, which sank in the 1970's, right off these very shores.  The present version was brought from Denmark.  Now it proudly sits, a prime example of the square rigged brig, 19th century-style.
    The curious person can see vital exhibits featuring images of the old whaling days in Hawaii.

    This is one of those historical stops I had planned on seeing.  I looked forward to moving along its decks, caressing its railings under my inquisitive hands.  Imagining.  Oh, imagining.  One doesn't go to Lahaina without experiencing this ship up close and personal.
    But for some reason time and chance worked against us.
    I still long to stand on its deck, looking out across to the horizon, picturing what those ancient sailors must have experienced in the whaling days of long ago.  What had they felt, thought, imagined?  Perhaps they had dreamed about what the future might bring.  What wonders would come in the 20th century?  Did they wonder about us?

    Sad to say we managed to miss getting any closer than this picture indicates.

    Obviously there were far better and important tourist-type things to gobble up our limited time in Maui.  We looked forward to helicopter flights, trips around the island, the long all-day drive to Hana, waterfalls, volcanos, black-sand beaches, the luaus and Lao.  And, of course, there were real live whales to see.
    Ahead of us today was a little bit of really mundane, normal,  run-in-the-mill important stuff to take up our limited time!  First things first!

Food & shopping--a must!

Under the "Would you believe" division:
Name this famous second story "joint" of Lahaina!

"Cheeseburgers in Paradise?"

.Yeap!  Right on!

That's the name of this fine open-air eatery.

The main street of Lahaina as seen from our table.

Gotta shop; gotta shop!

So off to shopping we must go!


How about din din?

Gotta eat!

Gotta drink!

Ah, the thirst of it all!

And, what's this?

Maui's amazing and famous Bud the Birdman.

The birds, I'm sad to confess, are in the shadows.
But we got the idea.

Then we continued to walk and shop!

And walk and walk!

It all makes a fella kinda hungry.

How about some more food.

An inviting waterfront cafe at which we actually didn't eat.

This was seen from the one we did enjoy to the fullest.

Well.  Here she is!

Our lady-in-waiting!

For her meal.

Now we could settle down for real afternoon snack!

And later a bit more strolling!

To burn off all that food!

    Amazing how much we missed.
    But there is just so much one can do in a day.

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