The Embassy was right next door.  It was, really, much like going to another section of our immediate Maui home away from home.  Though this hotel was a bit more flashy, and I suspect a bit more pricey.  We got all the advantages without the add cost.  And their buffets were discounted for Maui Kai guests--so, what's the big deal?

Take a look!

Searching, searching....

and searching...

for the buffet!

Where is it hiding?

    In a very short time we were getting violently hungry.  After all, we'd been waiting for hours to eat a meal!  Well, days?  Hardly.  Nonetheless,  the Embassy was a nicely spread out hotel.  But where was the buffet?

Oh, there it is!
In the middle of the hotel,
which looked up into the very open skies!

At last!

And there she goes,

taking her first look.

The buffet much to be desired.

Treats to eat!

But only after dinner!

And what a dinner winner!

A feast for Maui Kings & Queens.


Of course
you had to sit down

And this looked out to the ocean.


Plus a bit of ShowBiz!

A kinda warm up for all the Luaus offered in Maui yet to come.

  But before devouring a Vegas-like Luau, we took in a little more of the island.

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