Outside The Condo


Almost a reverse view.

Taken from the 6th floor.

    When viewing some of these pages, I'm afraid most people will get the idea that I had food on the mind. Well, perhaps.  This is the balcony of our condo, which looked out onto the ocean.  A very nice place to have a morning breakfast.  All other meals were another matter!
    After all, having wonderful, new eating experiences in a strange and wonderful land is a major part of this kind of vacation.  We ate out for lunches and dinners.

Breakfast at the Condo!

What you see is what you eat!

I suppose.


    You can't see much from this picture, other than what it was like to sit there and look at the Pacific Ocean spread out to the very horizon and beyond.

Or at least to the next island.

Two of which were in view when you stood on the balcony, itself:

Turn to the left!

And there was the island of Lanai.

Turn to the right

And you saw Molokai!

The Lady-in-waiting, waiting!

But if she would just turn around!
And look down over the balcony...


And there she is!
In the "swim" of things!

Wrong picture; wrong perspective!

    Must have been taken outside. Proof that she actually sank her body--or parts thereof--into the ocean around Maui.  And I thought she didn't like to swim.  Okay.  She's not swimming!  She's, sorta, in her walking gear.

So I suppose this is where she's going.

Down the beach for a morning run.

Or maybe headed for the local super market?

    Actually this is a picture of the market where we went shopping, in the same small center that had the "very informative" real estate office.  But we spent very little time in real estate offices or supermarkets.

    Instead, we were more taken by the view from our balcony and the many rainbows we got to see.

    It rains almost every day.  Little showers, just enough to clear the air, bright and beautiful.

    On that walk Brigitte was taking, she would have had to turn around and come back, heading in the opposite direction, to discover the lovely, flashy Embassy Hotel, where we spent a couple of evenings dining at their neat buffets.

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