Now we invite you to look at the beaches and sunsets of Maui
    Sadly, the Seven Days in Maui are finally over.
    Much was missed: all the other islands; glass bottom boats; historical monuments; museums;  snorkeling: swimming.  And all those long walks along the beach.  So many eating experiences; flashy and not-so-flashy eateries and cafes.  We got no more than a sense of Maui.  Time and space alone were flashed away at the speed of light; it seemed we had only arrived on this island in the sun.  And now it was over.
    Many of the following pictures were taken at different times on the balcony of our room at the Maui Kai Hotel; others capture throughout the island, as the sunsets grabbed our attention and demanded a flick of a camera shutter.
    We missed a far too many rainbows, which came daily after the drizzle of soft afternoon showers. There were almost countless sunsets to stun mind and soul.  And far too many beaches for a mere tourist to explore.  Much was seen on the run.  But what follows are some of those we managed to capture--and thought would make a suitable statement at this point.
    Sit back and enjoy.
    Imagine what it must be like to feel the warm breezes of Hawaii breathing across your face, or gathering around you like a comforting embrace, during the evening hours.
    Imagine a cheery morning greeting, when the sun caresses through the clouds to paint them with colorful shades of pink and gold.
    Imagine the soothing sounds of island music murmuring in the background, while awaiting the long download.  Hopefully you will find these pictures as rewarding as we found them during our waited each day for another sunrise, rainbow or sunset to draw itself across the skies of Maui

    Imagine an ancient Hawaiian God lifting up from its watery deeps or volcanic depths or, perhaps, reaching down from the heavens above to offer its loving ...


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