This was not far from the small town of Hana.  And for once our plans worked out just as we'd expected.  While Hana, itself, was hardly a destination so much as a place, this beach, for certain, a major event.  We had heard for many years about the black sand beaches of Hawaii; volcanic rock had ground itself into a black dusty, almost powery sand.  This is, for sure, one of those experiences we had never known on the mainland.
    A very real high point.

But first came a bit of food and drink.

Somewhere up here we had our packed lunch.

Then it was time to see the black beach up close.

Ah, are those some Hawaiian lovers?

Perhaps not.

But here's Brigitte!

Restin' on a long log!

And takin' in the beach!

From the beach!

And a quick cool off in the warm Maui waters.

Don't say these folks weren't willing to get their feet wet.

While the camera person kept his bod dry.

Was he practicing The Buddha Crouch?

When all is finished and done,

it was necessary to trek back up the hill!

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