Water and Landscapes



A rather nice one, easy one-laner.

A stop to remember!

    Here we made the normal, run-in-the-mill, famous pitstop.  And a look around at the small tourist trinket shop that was playing a Bette Midler CD, Las Vegas style.
    I could have taken the trash can out of the picture, but, regardless of the fact that would be cheating, I actually liked the implications of it, and would have put it in.
    Well, let me imagine I'm that smart with a PC Graphic program.
    This was the only place where I, personally, bought a little trinket, which I considered worth having.
      Normally I'd rather use the cash for silly stuff such as rolls and rolls of color film to take pictures of the trip.  But in this case I couldn't control myself.  I was thrilled to grab this up for a few bucks.
    Its just one of those silly little magnets; of course.  But, to me, it is more than just that.
    What, I'm not certain.
    Maybe it was the cute little fella, hanging there like some strange spaceman from a distant planet across the galaxy.
    Maybe I'm just a sucker now and then and at this point simply lost it!
    In any case, this captured my attention long enough to part with the green paper stuff.
    Here at the house it is in its rightful place on our refrig, in the kitchen, where all good magnets belong.  And where it can be almost totally ignored and, for the most part, forgotten.
    Except for the image used here as the symbol of this website.


A few sites for sore eyes.



    We had lunch at the Black Beach, where we took enough pictures to be placed on their own special page.  Then after a generous rest-break we continued on through Hana and beyond to another major highlight of this drive.

Much Water to Fall.


A few of the
Seven Sacred Pools
are shown here.

Sad to say, not sure which pools are from the Seven.


And then we finally returned.

To the other end of the island.

This is a famous
Mama's Fish House!

where we almost dined.

Can't remember if it was the price of fish that day
or the necessity of waiting for them to open,
but we didn't eat here.

This ended our long awaited
Drive to Hana.

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