One of their Black Beauties!

    These copters offer music to back up their 180 degree view.  They have what they call their "Sky Cam" that offers up a 360 degree territorial view; four video cameras flying with you, one in and three outside, and, I believe, they said, four VCRs recording your experience.  They make a "film" of the complete flight--from beginning to end!  Which, of course, is offered for sale to those wanting this visual/sound record of their flight over Maui--and in this case Molokai.  At the prices for the copter-ride it would have been insane not to cough up the extra bucks!
    But, quite obviously, for this video was hardly enough.  My trusty camera clicked away like a greedy little machine, eating up rolls of film as if it had become a starving monster!  It was totally out of control.
    All I can say, for the most part, is that these are pictures of Maui and Molokai--but in many cases I'm not certain which are which.  I've tried to put what I think are Maui shots first up, and keep the obvious Molokai ones in the middle.

The Flight Begins

I'm uncertain which island these coastlines belong to.

But they still work--for me!

Obviously, on the left is another view of the same coastline shown above.

But the picture to the right offers a totally different mood.

Note the green colored camera on the upper right.

This was used to take pictures of the passengers.


The Place of Lepers

For many years this was an isolated leper colony.

Father Damien's Monument at Kalaupapa.

    This strip of land was, for many years, a leper colony. A terrible place, populated in a brutal way. Ships arrived off this rugged coast to simply dump their pitiful human cargo right into the ocean--without food or supplies.  They either sank or swam; it was up to them to get ashore.  Some didn't make it that far;  and those who did had to survive without outside help.
    Then Father Damien came to live among the ill; only to die, many years later, of their disease.  But this selfless man's sacrifice was not without lasting merit. Other dedicated people took over where he left off--continuing his work until the place was closed down as a leper colony.
    The tiny seeming structure in this picture is a monument in Father Damien's honor.
    Some people still live there--but now by choice--as its their place of birth. Once they die the government will completely shut things down. Sometime in the future this area will be reopened as an historical site.


I do believe!

    The pilot explained how this area was still in its virgin state, untouched by the footsteps of man.  A natural wonder of green, lush jungles claw their way up from deep valleys.  This rich foliage is fed by tropic rains and beautiful waterfalls screaming down the almost upright mountains that so powerfully reach for the skies.

    The camera clicked, almost all by it self, greedily taking in the view, anxious to capture the visions of this lovely land of...


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