Well!  I'd have blown this picture up even further, but you can only do it so much--and this was as close as we could get to any real whales.  The fact that we could even see them at this distance was a bit amazing.  There is a restriction as to how close one can get to the whale in Maui.  [How close do you wanna get, matie?]  Something like 1000 yards.
     Of course, if the whales wish to visit the humans, that's another story.
     They are invited, and invited, and invited.
     Seems they weren't interested in doing much more than waving their tails.  Conversation was out of the question.  The best they could come up with was the singing sounds they made to one another.

    The small "object" on the horizon of this picture, to the right, is a scientific boat which was very closely following the whales.  They had some kind of sound system that made it possible to pick up the whale's cries under the water.  These almost baby-like wails were played over our ship's sound system.  That boat also was giving our captain instructions as to where to see these not-so-friendly, singing big fish.
    Did I say fish?  Sorry about that.
    Well, they are mammals.  So to speak.  Though they obviously don't speak English.  Which, at the very least, makes them somewhat fishy, considering where they spend most of their time.
    I've heard of humans and mammals being at sea--but this is pushing it a bit too far!

At least we got the tail of a whale.

"Dockside" Lahaina!

 Where one goes for all kinds of boating experiences.

And this is the ECO Adventures booth!

Of all the possible whale boats, Brigitte insisted on supporting them.

So off  we went via a ECO boat!

To find a real whale's tail.

The Lahaina-Maui coastline.


The boat's captain announced:

"Whale Whale!"

And all eyes anxiously turned:

left                                                right

The shoreline sure was inviting to the camera's lens.


"Whale, me hearties!"

Every eye

went left                          went right

then center
once again.


This is the original picture from which I made the logo for this website.

And Lahaina really up close!

Coming back to shore.


And we sure had

one whale of a picture!


Of a whale's tale!

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