This friendly man offered a welcomed haven!--for a small price.

    After a terrifying trip around the newly "half-paved" West Maui roadway, we came to this delightful resting place.  You can imagine our delight to discover civilization of almost any kind, by this time.
    The man waved us in and offered drinks and a rest room, plus the chance to see his lovely Garden Paradise.
    And, believe me, it was more than a paradise for two road shattered travelers.  We had not known, until much too late, that the change in the road surface indicated the end of civilization.
    Rest, some fruit juice, a pitstop and this beautiful landscaped Tourist Stop just hit the spot.

Even at 4 bucks per person.

Inside a small building we found this display:

Classy trinkets for a price.

Outside we disovered a new challenge!

Are you kidding?

Going up!

To where we saw this gazebo.

And once there we had to travel downwards...

Along this landscaped pathway.

And oh the marvels to be seen!

Down in the "valley" below.

Crossing the stream to new wonders.

Some ginger?


The deeper we went the more inviting it got.

Crossing a bridge

took us deeper into this great place.

Following the stream lead us here.

A nicely set waterfall.

A pause for serious considerations.

    Even though a commercial, artificially designed garden, this was such a wonderfully landscaped area that not a person complained.  In fact, I have a hunch the owners did one heck of a good business.
    And I noted by dear wife's delight in wandering throughout the pathways, along the lovely stream, taking in the soothing sounds of the waterfall.  Just merely enjoying this unexpected adventure.
    Brigitte's pleasure was blatantly obvious; this was just the kind of setting she really loved.
    And after our long moaning trek, perhaps this was a prime time to get her to reconsider the coming drive to Hana.
    So I decided to push my luck and pointed out that the Road to Hana could hardly match the horrors we'd just survived.
    "Everybody says its a devine two-lane highway!"
    I saw a spark of strange uncertainy in her eyes.
    She was willing to nod; without committing herself.
    Perhaps today's events would have a major, serious payoff!
    I dreamed, I wished, I hoped.  Well, frankly, I--almost prayed!
    But to be brually honest there were limits to even my newly expanded mental horizons!

    So we continued silently through the Garden, taking these pictures.

And found a really inviting place to rest.

 Then we returned to the car.

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