The Kea Lani Hotel

Look at this lobby for a sense of style and comfort.

  We had come to what is called South Maui with the idea of discovering this hotel. Somebody had suggested it was a bit on the old fashioned, gaudy side, but we loved the place.  Amazingly charming.  Could have spent hours there.  It covered a lotta ground, right off the ocean.  A self contained world.  The more I saw, the more I "lusted" for the place.
     "Don't you wish," I asked Brigitte, "we could have stayed here during our Maui vacation?"
     She laughed.  "A bit out of our range."
     "Well, maybe one night?" I countered, playfully winking.  "I'd give up the copter flight for one night in this hotel paradise!"
     "Oh, sure you would!" she laughed.  "I thought you loved the copter flight."
     "I did.  But this..." being a bit on the dramatic side, "this is a fight into a totally different dimension!"
     Well, what would you call it?  Flashy?  Lower East End slums?  Or just your normal run-in-the-mill resort hotel?

     Perhaps I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek.  Perhaps!?  But when I discovered the cost of a room here, I re-assessed my comments.  One look at their room rates and I did a major double take. Brigitte was in for a surprise!  They were socking the guest a hot $300-1600 a night!  Talk about pricey!  One night here would have been a match for the copter ride.
     Sad to say, the most we could afford were a few pictures, a bit of coffee & dessert, plus a free walking tour of "de joint"!

Everywhere you looked the camera screamed to be clicked.

Even the little fishes had their favoriate ponds.

Close up for the tiny tots?


  Ran out of fish?

There's nothing fishy about the people pool.

A bit more walking,


Time for a break!

Fast coffee, fast custard desert, was a fast pleasure.

And this was the view from the table.

A bit more touring


And a bit of horsing around!

I think I longed to use him to carry me to our next destination.

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