Oh, really, now he's a production?

    A slight statement of explanation here, to define what Haldolen Productions is and isn't. I do design my own web pages; and have helped others, thus the logo and "fancy name"! For now it is a "fictional" place, functioning to serve my own, personal purposes, such as indicated in this  page:

    Since I've been lucky enough to have several books released as e-books on the internet, at Alexlit.con it has seemed reasonable to make printouts of the books, since each, in their own way, is somewhat different from the long out of print books.  The delights of e-book publication is all you need is to get a willing and cooperative editor to let you fix things that were imperfect in the first editions.  So I've managed to do just that. But there is, also, the matter of the book I put up on the Haldolen Web site as a freebie for anybody who happens to want to read it.  The feedback has made it offering well worth the give-away. It was a non-commercial concept had story-line which I happened to personally like.  So I've decided, along with the other books, to make a printout of it.  All at 7 x 5 inches and bound to appear neatly bookish.  With the wrap around book jackets they actually make a neat addition to my library - and for a few close friends who might value such a copy.


The Epic Dialogs of Mhyo

This a book which has been placed on the internet as an experimental non-commercial "novel" - a personal exploration which became an adult fantasy fairy tale, somewhat of a satire from the distant past.  A doc found in a little shop in India.
    I originally wanted to get some feedback concerning the book. And from that feedback I was highly pleased to discover that with all the normal flaws any non-commercial (or even a highly successful commercial) work (which I call "arty-poo") it seemed to be okay, pretty much as is.
    So, outside of checking out typo-flaws, which there were many, and now corrected, and soon to check over for any "revision" writing to do, I believe I'll be leaving it pretty much alone, as one of those strangely off center bits of writing. After all, what can one expect from an ancient, lost historical scroll, hidden for God knows how many centuries, in so many places, to only surface in our time at that old, dusty, even if colorful, little shop in a side street somewhere in India?

    The cover is a combination of the snake from the original "Swordmen of Vistar" cover, done by my father, and a picture taken in Chichen Itza of the famous Well which I took.  Some Graphic magic with Photoshop make it possible to place the snake into the well, which serves as a perfect symbolic "illustration" for the book.

This is the first draft, and perhaps the last, of the cover for the two Noomas books, "Warriors of Noomas" & "Raiders of Noomas" & "Swordmen of Vistar" - to be published by Alexlit on their web site.

The "Swordmen of Vistar" was originally published by Powell Sci-Fi with a cover by my father, which I decided to use in part (the snake) for the above "Epic" cover.  Plus I had this delightful publicity cover which had been done by Bill Hughes for a proposed reprint of the book as THORIS: WARRIOR FROM 30,000 BC.  With this one I did some PC Graphic magic and blended it with a photo I'd taken on our Caribbean cruise this year.

The "Warriors of Noomas" & "Raiders of Noomas" were originally a single novel, and now it is at last being released as a single book, complete in itself. Originally the length was too long for pocket book edition - there was a limit to the number of pages per book, so as I was writing it I brought my hero and his love to a point where they appeared to be save, then in the opening chapter of the "second half" I had them in immediate danger.  Such are the tricks of the profession.  Now the trick is having them both together in one unit, since the two are really one story.

    This is, perhaps, my special book, not perfect, but one which said a lot of things I wanted to say, in a more "hard-line" sci-fi manner.  The original hardcover edition [titled LAST CALL FOR THE STARS"] was so brutalized that I kinda had terribly mixed feelings concerning it, even though it saw publication in England and Italy some decades ago. In e-book form it was "beautifully" revised to fix what the publisher had perverted [now using the original title "Adapt or Die"], and since some time had passed since its original publication I brought it up to dated, added a few characters and some new material - along with putting missing material back in place.  The end result was almost a different book!  And certainly something I'm far more proud of since it says what I wanted it to say. 

    This and the Epic Dialogs of Mhyo are personal favorites.

Dust Jacket for the personal copy of the e-book