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Some background information:

   Over the years we've taken trips, just like anybody else. And in the last couple of years I've been putting together some websites to share some of these "larger than life" adventures.  Along the way I've add other photo essays which I thought might be of general interest.

My father was a professional artist working for the motion pictures studios most of his professional life, but in the last years, in retirement, he did a number of pocket book covers, many of which are shown on "Al Nuetzel's Gallery" to the right, along with other samples of his art.

Brigitte, my wife, has become quite a skilled and talented photographer, some of the pictures she had taken are now offered up at "Pictures by Gitta."

Of course the major overwhelming sites are the TRIPS to Caribbean, Alaska and Maui.  If I went overboard in developing rather large websites here, that's because I started out wanting to share some pictures with relatives and friends, and these turned out to be fully developed storyline photo essays that give a detailed visual of the planes we saw.

To the Caribbean, Panama & Alaska we went by cruise ship, which are, all by themselves (without any port stops) a "whale" of an adventure, detailed in the Photo Essays on those pages listed on the right.  I suggest that anybody brave enough to explore these pages will have to do so in little bits; they are, in effect, visual books!  The Peru Adventure is really "yet to come" since I have only uploaded a few pictures, as of now, out of the almost 5,500 that were taken on the trip.  The African Safari was another super experience, which included not only Kenya, but London on our way there.  Again a huge "essay" of pictures!

The trip to the Caribbean is, to some extent, broken up into the cruise ship itself and offers a pretty detailed concept of what it is like to take such a cruise.  But there is the other side of that trip, involving Mayan ruins at Chichén Itza, which was my main reason for taking the trip.  We could have flown down and seen the ruins, but that would have missed the cruise, which all by itself was worth the price of admission.

The trip to Alaska was taken on a very big liner, the Galaxy, part of the Celebrity Cruise Lines.  Even in memory it is difficult to know which cruise liner was the most exciting experience.  They both had their special features, which are, hopefully, revealed on these pages.

A couple of short 4 night cruises was with a group of dancin' crazies I hang around with a times - two Dance Cruises on Carnavial Ecstasy!

Smaller, but hopefully as interesting was my trip to Mexico City to see the ruins in four days.  A dream trip for me. 

"Where's Perry?" is a revelation concerning Perry Mason, of course, and his creator Earl Stanley Gardner, who was a working lawyer in Ventura, California when he wrote the first novel concerning that fictional lawyer. 

Other places are listed on the right and are smaller essays which are hopefully are worth exploring.

The Santa Barbara site offers up an example of a Bed & Breakfast, a beautiful park and a cruise to a nearby island, Santa Cruz Island.  Even though this represents two separate trips, they actually tied in very nicely.  We live only an hour's drive to this lovely coastal city, which is a favorite place for a Sunday brunch.

Other places, such as Horses, are short stops, might call them short "essays"!

Hopefully there is something in these page to entertain the casual surfer.

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